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Best thematic blog + Margarita

Thank you to everyone who voted for my magazine! Unfortunately, the best thematic blog was “studentuera”. Well, you can’t say much against students ;{)

I should go and get drunk now, as I should out of my resentment and endless stress ;{) On this occasion I will share with you a recipe for a cocktail. It’s called “Margarita”. Everyone has long forgotten who the Margarita was, but the cocktail itself has remained extremely popular, especially in Mexican restaurants. By the way, it is very common in America to sell ready-made ‘margarita mix’ in bottles, which, it is said, just need tequila to be added to make a cocktail. I strongly suggest that you try it ‘the right way’ at least once, and you will really feel the difference.

We take fresh limes. At least for me, the best ones are the small ones, also known as key limes, about the size of a table tennis ball. We cut them in half, squeeze out the juice, and scoop out the pulp and pits that have accidentally fallen in. We take inverted conical glasses (so-called ‘martini’ glasses, although ‘margarita’ glasses are also available, which are more rounded in shape and also widen upwards), pierce the rim with a wedge of lime to moisten it, then rub them upside down over a heap of salt. The salt needs to stick to the rim of the cup.

Next, we pour into the shaker:

A handful of crushed ice or just ice lollies
1 generous squeeze of lime juice
1 equally generous shot of a good orange liqueur (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Triple Sec or similar).
3 equal teaspoons of tequila

Preferably a better tequila, but not the best and most expensive, elite tequilas will only be a money-spinner here. Say El Jimador or 1800 or similar will be just fine. Jose Cuervo is also suitable, but it is very mainstream, often diluted with straight spirit, although some of the varieties are quite tolerable. If you don’t have orange liqueur, or if French liqueurs are too expensive, you can improvise, choose something different, or at least not add too much thick sugar syrup, otherwise it will be too sour.

Shake, put a couple of ice creams in the glasses and pour carefully so as not to touch the rim with salt. Garnish with a lime peel ‘spring’. Drink without a straw. This would make a classic ‘Margarita on the rocks’. Frozen Margaritas are also popular. It is usually made weaker and frozen in special freezers, like sorbet, to resemble very wet snow. Something similar can be made by grinding ice cream in a blender and then pouring the resulting ‘snow’ into a cocktail.

Personally, I like “on the rocks” much better. The cocktail is quite strong, I would guess around 25-30 degrees. But when it’s good, there’s absolutely no strength at all, just the fresh scent of lime, a little less tequila, and a faint (but important) orange peel accent. The salt on the rim comes off as you drink and is also very complementary to the overall set.






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